The BenQ gaming monitor review

In 2017, a 31.5-inch screen with a 1080p board isn't as alluring a prospect as it used to be. With new 1440p and 4K shows hitting the market each day, 1080p appears to be relatively interesting. That is the reason our BenQ EX3200R audit was such an astonishment.

We were wary that a $400, 1080p showcase could face probably the best bended ultra-wides at present available. Be that as it may, as we learned, it is incautious to think little of the EX3200R.
BenQ EX3200R review back

Rich, basic, direct

Roosted on a couple of brilliant sharp edges, the BenQ EX3200R lingers imperiously over your mouse and console. Its relentless wings spread wide to show its sumptuously smooth 31.5-inch show. There it pauses, prepared. Energetic.

Alright, perhaps that is a touch of a misrepresentation – yet the EX3200R sports a tasteful and downplayed body, with thin plastic bezels the distance around. The monster 31.5-inch show is mounted on an additional wide cleaned metal base which works superbly of keeping the screen decent and stable. It takes up a great deal of room however, in spite of its thin, bladed structure.

BenQ EX3200R logo

BenQ EX3200R audit remain back

BenQ EX3200R audit catches

BenQ EX3200R audit back

The stand enables the showcase to be tilted forward or in reverse, pivoted marginally side to side, however that is about it. You can likewise wrestle it up or down a bit, yet it's not the most customizable stand we've seen. Luckily, the EX3200R is VESA perfect, so you could simply pop the remain off totally and mount it to your divider, or to another stand.

The Samsung CF791 includes comparatively snazzy structure. It's clad in gleaming white plastic and shiny matte aluminum, roosted on a major silver roundabout base, giving an extremely abnormal and choice look. The BenQ EX3200R isn't as brilliant or emotional, however the chrome sharp edges that fill in as its stand offer a turn on the commonplace dark plastic screen plan.

It's a little touch, however the stand loans the EX3200R a specific expert look. This may be a gaming screen, yet it considers itself important. It needn't bother with red accents, or a savage name to make it outstanding amongst other gaming screens available, and it knows it.

A couple of ports modest

The BenQ EX3200R sports a solitary HDMI 1.4 port, a DisplayPort 1.2 port, and a small scale DisplayPort 1.2 port. That is it, other than the power line, and earphone jack.

With new 1440p and 4K shows hitting the market each day, 1080p appears to be relatively interesting.

Taking a gander at a screen like the Samsung CF791, there's not a tremendous contrast in what sorts of ports are offered, however including two HDMI ports at any rate has progressed toward becoming something of a standard. The CF791 had two HDMI 2.0 ports, a solitary DisplayPort 1.4 port, and a USB port.

It's not actually a represent the deciding moment exclusion on the EX3200R's part, yet it's baffling and somewhat unusual. On the off chance that you have any plans to utilize it as a TV substitution, you'll end up juggling ropes as you switch forward and backward from your work area to a diversion reassure, and back.

Obvious, with heaps of choices

There's various catches under the front-right half of the showcase, pretty much agreed with the raised dabs on the base edge of the bezel. The power catch and the info switch catch are named. The rest are set apart with plain dark dabs.

Pushing one of the unlabeled fasten pops the on-screen menu, where you can alter splendor, differentiation, and shading temperature, or switch between various presets. There are modes for gaming, films, and a couple of open openings where you can spare custom shading settings.


dell ultrasharp u3818dw nudge

Dell Ultrasharp U3818DW

samsung cf791 item

Samsung CF791

lg 38uc99 item

LG 38UC99

benq ex3501r ben q prdthmb

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benq pd3200u 4k fashioner screen push

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lg 34uc89g

LG 34UC89G

acer predator xb272 gaming screen 81dzmu3nd l sl1500

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dell s2418h audit item

Dell S2418H

lg 27md5kae28091b ultrafine 5k item

LG 27MD5KA‑B Ultrafine 5K

dell u3417w item

Dell U3417W

samsung cfg70 item

Samsung CFG70

dell s2417dg item

Dell s2417DG

Press one of the unlabeled catches somewhat additionally left, and you'll get the speedy menu, where you can just alter splendor or differentiation. It's not the clearest control plot we've at any point seen, but rather it takes care of business — regardless of whether you'll coincidentally hit the wrong catch and go to the snappy menu rather than the full menu now and again.

That is the sort of cerebral pain you'd stay away from with a screen like the Dell U3417W, which includes a reasonable and natural catch framework, and strong on-screen menu controls.

Reviving 1080p

The minute you start up the EX3200R, obviously something is unique. Each one of those small working framework livelinesss you've seen a thousand times slide over the screen like they're skating on glass. They move with an unearthly elegance.

That is all on account of the screen's 144Hz invigorate rate. By reviving multiple occasions quicker than a run of the mill screen – most screens have invigorate rates of 60Hz – all that you do on the EX3200R will be polished smooth in view of how fast it's ready to invigorate what's on screen. Furthermore, it underpins AMD's FreeSync. That implies Radeon cards can synchronize their yield with the presentation's invigorate rate, which avoids screen tearing, and smooths the visuals drastically.

Furthermore, that is by all account not the only uplifting news. Investigate our test outcomes.

BenQ EX3200R show differentiate proportion

BenQ EX3200 show array

Simply see that differentiate proportion. As should be obvious, 2060:1 is an uncommonly high score. A large portion of that would have been an incredible complexity proportion for a work area gaming screen, however at 2060:1 the BenQ EX3200R is punching route over its weight – and its sticker price.

By and by, that differentiate proportion contributes fundamentally to the EX3200R's outstanding picture quality. Since this screen can render brilliant hues ideal alongside inky dark ones without losing any devotion in the middle of, diversions and films look fabulous.

Taking a gander at some different measurements however, the EX3200R loses a touch of its glossy sheen. The shading range here is simply normal. The EX3200R was just fit for rendering 75 percent of the finicky AdobeRGB shading space, while a higher end screen like the Samsung CF791 replicated 85 percent.

That is not the sort of distinction that you'd see amid gaming, or extremely some other regular errand, yet it's vital on the off chance that you intend to utilize the EX3200R for photograph altering or other inventive undertakings. Another metric you'll need to focus on, all things considered, is shading exactness.

OS movements you've seen a thousand times slide over the screen like they're skating on glass.

Here, the EX3200R fared well against the challenge, hitting a normal shading mistake of 1.29, making it the most shading precise screen of the bundle. That is somewhat better than expected, with most screens arriving somewhere in the range of 1.5 and 2.0. The High-end Samsung CF791 hit 2.56, while its littler cousin, the CF591, left away with a frustrating score of 6.26. The Dell U3417W, a 34-inch ultrawide, hit 1.69.

By and by, this implies the EX3200R, and some other screen in the 1.5-1.8 territory, is sufficiently precise that you'd battle ot see any staining in every day use, or even in diversions.

That score may be an issue on the off chance that you were shading adjusting photographs or recordings, yet the EX3200R's AdobeRGB shading extent would be a more concerning issue. With everything taken into account, these outcomes back up what winds up clear the first occasion when you utilize this screen – it gives a dreadful part of value for your money.

Indeed, even with a not exactly outstanding shading extent, the EX3200R's wonderful difference proportion shrouds what you'd escape some other screen – and surely any screen inside a similar value extend.
No alignment required

Once in a while alignment transforms a decent screen into an incredible one, similar to the Dell S2417DG. Different occasions, fiddling with the screen's processing plant adjustment yields disillusioning outcomes. The BenQ EX3200R is one such screen. In the wake of attaching it to a Spyder colorimeter and giving the fragile little gadget a chance to get the opportunity to work, we found the EX3200R was somewhat less amazing.

Complexity and brilliance fell a little degree, yet shading array climbed a rate point, so it wasn't all terrible. It's not all that quite a bit of an amazement, truly. Adjustment can be a blended pack here and there and if a showcase like the EX3200R is now tweaked and prepared to go, at-home alignment can have an insignificant impact.

Guarantee data

The BenQ EX3200R highlights a three-year standard guarantee securing against maker surrenders. That is the sort of guarantee we'd hope to see on a screen with a sticker price in abundance of $1,000 however observing it on a $400 screen is a charming shock.


With amazing craftsmanship, brilliant showcase quality, and a satiny invigorate rate, the BenQ EX3200R is a radiant gaming screen. At 1080p, it's only not as sharp as it could be, and on the off chance that you sit close enough, you'll have the capacity to truly select those pixels. We can excuse that as a result of this present screen's sensible cost and superb scores in different territories.

Is there a superior option?

There are better bended gaming screens available, indeed, yet none which offer the low cost and superior of the EX3200R. In the event that cost isn't so much an issue, and you truly need 1440p or 4K, you have a ton of alternatives. Boss among which would be the Samsung CF791.

While it's complexity proportion isn't as high as the BenQ EX3200R, it's as yet 980:1, which is brilliant and guarantees a rich review understanding. It's a 1440p screen with the goal that rich 35-inch bended presentation is extraordinarily sharp. Also, it's an extremely appealing screen notwithstanding when killed. Clad in silver and white, with a rich and razor-thin bezel running the distance around, it's a pleasant expansion to any office — or gaming nest.

For high invigorate rate choices, however, 1080p is as yet your most logical option. Except if you have a first class gaming work area, hitting high framerates to take advantage of a 144Hz or 200Hz presentation board is extremely troublesome at 1440p and about unthinkable at 4K — without a really huge gaming rig.

On the off chance that the EX3200R's 144Hz board isn't exactly fast enough for you, there's dependably the Acer Predator Z35. It's another 1080p bended ultra-wide, yet it pushes that invigorate rate as far as possible up to 200Hz. To place that in context, that is nearly as large a distinction as the jump from 60Hz to 144hz. In the event that the EX3200R is rich smooth at 144Hz, the Predator Z35 is Teflon-smooth.

Be that as it may, both different choices will cost you much more than the EX3200R. The Acer Predator Z35 begins at $900, and the Samsung CF791 begins at $750.

To what extent will it last?

The BenQ EX3200R will probably keep going for a long while. It's well made and tough, the strong metal legs don't curve or flex, and the stand holds quick regardless of how hard you attempt to wobble it. Its goals, be that as it may, will look dated a great deal sooner than a 1440p or 4K board will.

Because of that 144Hz invigorate rate, the EX3200R will probably have the capacity to prevent the unavoidable, if just for a long time. Regardless it'll make your diversions look fantastically smooth long after its poor pixel thickness has made utilizing it for web perusing something of a task.

Would it be advisable for you to get it?

Indeed, you should. The BenQ EX3200R is a high-performing gaming screen with the sticker price of a not too bad mid-go screen. It offers the most value at your money in its cost classification, and it beats progressively costly screens by an agreeable edge.

With a 144Hz showcase board and lavishly high differentiation proportion, the EX3200R is an outright take at $400.

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